Hospital Roomies

I spent a night in hospital last week (minor surgery, nothing serious) and during this time got to know my room mates, and naturally couldn't resist asking to do their portraits. Talking to Daniel in this first shot, I was shocked to learn that he was an hour away from possibly having his foot amputated due to infection. I didn't see him again as I left after this but I got his address to send him a print and he was going to write back and let me know how it went and if they were able to save is foot. 


Brian, in this second shot, was facing more complicated and less serious treatment which I won't go into, but he had been there a while and had a good few days to go. He said he didn't mind as it was a bit like a hotel, his bed was next to the window with 5th story views of Melbourne, and he seemed quite content to sit for long periods thinking without needing to read or watch TV. When I asked to take his photo he said "Want to see my tattoos?" Well of course.